Mazda Commercial Fleet Program in Fredericksburg VA

2016 Mazda Commercial Fleet Program

Mazda Commercial Fleet Program

 2016 Mazda3
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August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016

Fleet Incentives are offered as an Invoice Credit on units that are ordered through Mazda's National Fleet Department.

  • A dealer must apply for the FLEET INCENTIVE when a unit is delivered out of dealer stock and reported sold as fleet.
  • Mazda will pay the dealer or the commercial account upon completion of claim form.

2016 Mazda Models

Mazda North American Operations will pay $300 to the delivering dealer of a Mazda commercial fleet vehicle if the order was generated through the Mazda (MNAO) Fleet Department. Included in this program is full vehicle preparation (PDI) and a full tank of gas, paid on the dealer parts statement where stipulated.

Prices will be protected to the published price in effect on the date the order is received by Mazda Fleet Department (excluding destination & delivery charges).

All advertising charges will be waived from the invoice price. Vehicles purchased from a dealer's inventory are not eligible for this program benefit.

In order to participate in and receive benefits under the Commercial Fleet Program, the dealer or fleet account must complete and submit to Mazda the following Fleet Program Forms, which are available on, as applicable:

  • Application for Fleet Account Eligibility (MFP-1):
    This form must be submitted to Mazda prior to ordering to qualify the customer as an Eligible Fleet Account.
    1. If approved, Mazda will issue a Mazda Fleet Identification Number (F.I.N.) to the customer. This form is not required for a fleet customer who already has a valid Mazda F.I.N.
  • Account Order Form (MFP-2):
    This form is used when ordering Mazda fleet vehicles. An ordering F.I.N. and an end-user F.I.N. are required. Be sure to include the account name, Mazda F.I.N., delivery information and vehicle specifications. Fax the form to (949) 727-6474 or email
  • Fleet Claim Form (MFP-3):
    Please make sure to complete all the appropriate boxes and indicate the applicable incentives as well as the payee. This form must be submitted no later than 30 days from vehicle delivery to be eligible for applicable payment.

All of the provisions of this Program are subject to and shall be governed by the Mazda Fleet Program (General Terms and Conditions). You may request a copy or go to to view and print.


David Funston
Manager, National Fleet Operations
(949) 727-6206 / phone
(949) 727-6474 / fax
Aileen Sato
Manager, Fleet Commercial Sales
(949) 727-6411 / phone
(949) 727-6474 / fax
Derek Lim
Manager, Strategic Fleet Planning
(949) 727-6107 / phone
(949) 727-6474 / fax

Melanie McCaffrey
Fleet Operations Administrator
(949) 727-6169 / phone
(949) 727-6474 / fax

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